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On this site we highlight photos from our historical collection housed at the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center in Portland's Old Town neighborhood, as well as other information about history and Japanese Americans in Oregon. Please visit www.oregonnikkei.org to learn more about the Oregon Nikkei Endowment and its programs.
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The Hood River Nikkei community is shown gathered in front of the Japanese Community Hall in 1929, commemorating Japanese Ambassador Debuchi’s visit.

The Endow Family of Hood River, circa 1926. From left to right: Tei, Kane, Mitsue, Shoichi, Shohei.

Shohei Endow of Hood River, Oregon

The Hood River Nikkei community gathered to celebrate the enthronement of Emperor Hirohito, 1928. This picture is unique in that it includes almost the entire Japanese American population in the Hood River Valley.

Hood River baseball team, 1934

The championship baseball team from 1934, probably taken in Hood River, Oregon. The Nikkei community of Hood River was one of the largest and earliest established Japanese communities in the state of Oregon.

Sho Endow (the donor’s father) is in the back row, second from left, with writing near his face. This is one of the only photos of a mixed-race team in our collection.