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Tule Lake Relocation Center near Newell, Calif., 1942 or 43. Women at the Japanese American relocation camps of World War II, photographer unknown. 

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Wooden tea tray with ink drawing of barracks and Castle Rock at the Tule Lake internment camp. “Presented to Minoru Yasui” is written in Japanese.

Dance performance at Tule Lake, 1942

Sahomi Tachibana performing the dance “Tomoyakko” as a male character. This photo was taken at the Tule Lake War Relocation Center in 1942, where Sahomi was initially incarcerated. She was later transferred to the Topaz camp in Utah.

Sahomi had studied dance in Japan before World War II but returned to the States just before the bombing of Pearl Harbor. She started teaching dance in the camps and also staged performances with her students.