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On this site we highlight photos from our historical collection housed at the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center in Portland's Old Town neighborhood, as well as other information about history and Japanese Americans in Oregon. Please visit www.oregonnikkei.org to learn more about the Oregon Nikkei Endowment and its programs.
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The Mikado baseball team of Portland, Oregon, circa 1936. Players include George Somekawa, George Marumoto, John Murakami, George Azumano, Art Somekawa, Hood Shiogi, and Salem Yagawa.

T-Bone Oka and other off-duty soldiers from the 442nd RCT playing baseball in France during World War II

Hood River baseball team, 1934

The championship baseball team from 1934, probably taken in Hood River, Oregon. The Nikkei community of Hood River was one of the largest and earliest established Japanese communities in the state of Oregon.

Sho Endow (the donor’s father) is in the back row, second from left, with writing near his face. This is one of the only photos of a mixed-race team in our collection.

Issei baseball players from the S. Ban team of Portland and a California team. The commemorative opening game between the S. Ban and California teams was March 18, 1920. The S. Ban team may have been the second Issei baseball team in the Portland area.