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This photo of Phyllis Ando (Muramatsu) taken by Frank C. Hirahara, circa early 1950s, was featured in the recently closed exhibit Capturing a Generation through the Eye of a Lens: The Photographs of Frank C. Hirahara, 1948-54 at the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center in Portland.¬†Frank, an avid amateur photographer, captured hundreds of photographs depicting community picnics, dances, wedding receptions, and life in the heart of Portland’s Japantown.

2013.34, gift of Patti Hirahara.

Camp Savage, Minnesota, circa 1944

Students of the Military Intelligence Service Language School at Camp Savage, where they studied the Japanese language and were later sent to serve in the War in the Pacific.

The MISLS was located at Camp Savage in Minnesota from 1942-44, after which it was moved to larger facilities at nearby Ft. Snelling.

Rose Festival junior parade

These Nisei girls (and a few boys in the back row) are gathered to march in the Junior Rose Festival parade, circa 1938. The donor of this photo is the girl on the far left.

Odori dancers

These girls are performing bon odori, traditional Japanese Buddhist dancing. The location is unknown.

This scan was taken from a 35mm slide by Frank C. Hirahara, who was an electrical engineer active in the Portland Nikkei community from 1948-54, and took pictures in his spare time as a member of the Portland Photographic Society and the Oregon Camera Club.

Odori Dancers

Photo taken by Frank C. Hirahara of members of the Oregon Buddhist Church and Epworth United Methodist Church of Portland, circa 1948-54. They are all holding American and Japanese flags, but the occasion is unknown. Left to right: Ed Tamiyasu, Alice Kida, Jean Tsujimura (Takashima), Jean Kida (Tomita), Shizuko Ochiai (Okazaki), Alice Matsumoto (Ando).

Portrait of Seki Hiromura, the mother of the donor of this photo, and one of her sons. Seki and her husband Kikuo raised their five boys in Portland, Oregon. Circa 1925.

Portrait of Seki Hiromura, the mother of the donor of this photo, and one of her sons. Seki and her husband Kikuo raised their five boys in Portland, Oregon. Circa 1925.

Nisei field trip

The date and occasion of this outing are unknown, but it is probably in Portland. The image donor’s family lived in Portland, and one of his brothers is in the group of children. Circa 1931.

Shoichi Endow (right) in the U.S. Army with two other Nisei soldiers during World War II. Sho joined the army prior to Pearl Harbor and eventually ended up in the all-Nisei 442nd Regimental Combat Team. This photo may have been taken in Camp Shelby, Mississippi, circa 1944.

The Mikado baseball team of Portland, Oregon, circa 1936. Players include George Somekawa, George Marumoto, John Murakami, George Azumano, Art Somekawa, Hood Shiogi, and Salem Yagawa.

January 1945, Menton, France. Soldiers from the all-Nisei 442nd Regimental Combat Team determining coordinates for targeting mortars. Left to right: Okamoto, Lt. Teraoka, Akira “Ike” Iwasaki.

The Endow Family of Hood River, circa 1926. From left to right: Tei, Kane, Mitsue, Shoichi, Shohei.

Woodblock print made in the Minidoka internment camp in Idaho by Marian Hara of Portland, Oregon, an art student of Fumi Haraguchi Kato at Hunt High School.

Japanese American families looking for clams, circa 1925. The donor of photo thought that it might have been taken in Japan, but the Western clothes suggest this beach is somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

The Hood River Nikkei community gathered to celebrate the enthronement of Emperor Hirohito, 1928. This picture is unique in that it includes almost the entire Japanese American population in the Hood River Valley.

Members of Hood Sadaji Shiogi’s family picking berries. The Shiogi family owned farmland in Montavilla, Oregon, and leased land in Troutdale, Oregon, around the time this photo was taken (circa 1915).